Here it begins

I have devoted today to publish this blog. This will be a great opportunity to share my experience. I hope you find it useful.

I have to give my thanks to Tuxfamily, WordPress and my friend, Ali Molaei. And here is why:

Firstly, Tuxfamily is hosting my blog for free and I will post outstanding posts to honor Tuxfamily. I hope people find it useful. I’m not going to waste this hosting space with nonsense, but I’m filling my web area with technical experience.

Secondly, WordPress is the only CMS I enjoy using. It’s safe, fast and open-source. It’s considerable that I’m a big fan of GNU/Linux, Data Science, in addition to Computer Science. Hence, everything I publish will be open-source and free to use.

Finally, I should thank Mr. Molaei, one of my friends. We were classmates in undergraduate level for almost 4 years. He always encouraged me to never give up on GNU/Linux, while I should always tackle my problems and solve them instead of giving up, he said. He also motivated me and gave me various reasons that not only blogging is not a waste of time, but also it’s a way that makes you go and learn more and try to share it people around you. Here you can check his blog, however, He publishes this blog in Persian.

In conclusion, I publish this website in English and my blog in Persian, and I hope we all can benefit from it for free.