New beginning

I love to write. When it is dark, safe and sound. When I hear nothing but the “tap” sound of my keyboard and the crickets, singing in the deep darkness of the night, happily. It is like the beginning of something new.

Sometimes I have to start over. Allover again, and again, and again. It is like it never ends. It looks alike an infinite loop. However, every time I start over again, I feel strengthen. It’s Tir 2( June 23 ). Interesting, right? “23” appeared again, in a new start. For those who do not now, 23 is my favorite number, since I believe it’s the most beautiful prime number that exists. it contains 2 and 3 that are both prime, and when you put them beside each other in an ascending order, they are prime again. I find that interesting.

Note: The notes around my head have neither cohesion nor coherence. It is because I do not constrain my brain. I am free inside of my head.

I have decided to start over somehow. I have always loved to learn and apply my knowledge, in addition to sharing them with enthusiasts. I want to do it in an effective manner, and I hope whoever reads my post, find them interesting.

Everything I share is free, I look for nothing return. We learn to share, and not to hide it. Hiding it is not beneficial. A day will come that we will pass away. Hence, let’s give it a thought. If we do not share, what will we do with it in the end, and vice versa, if we share our knowledge, will the world have the chance to benefit from it? I leave the answer to you.

My head goes around data science, GNU/Linux, Geeky stuff and so on. While I am writing this post, I am not even sure if anyone will read it, but I hope even if one person reads it, he/she will find it interesting and useful.

I appreciate any suggestions and criticism dear fellas.

See you in the next post!